Industry support to innovative technologies

ORE P/L is proud to support innovative analytical techniques like ColdBlock Digestion Technology. Developed in Canada, the method shows outstanding promise as a safe and rapid alternative to established digestion methods. The sample particles are directly heated by the infrared rings and the acid remains cooler due to a cooling mechanism built into the base. This leads to short cooling times, minimal acid consumption and generally, only phosphoric acid is required.


Lab at Rig® – pressed pucks for pXRF
In support of the Lab-at-Rig® collaboration, ORE P/L has helped ‘field-test’ Reflex’s prototype 30 tonne manual sample press. This hydraulic press can make our CRMs into ‘pucks’ which greatly enhances the reading sensitivity of handheld portable XRF devices. ORE P/L has donated CRM pucks from our range of OREAS SuperCRMs® made during the field testing trials. These pucks are helping CSIRO scientists Steven Tassios and Yulia Uvarova develop LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) calibrations. Steven says, “LIBS is an emerging analytical technique directly applicable to rapid geochemical analysis. In fact, there’s one bolted onto the Curiosity rover that’s running around Mars at the moment!”