OREAS QC Excel Tools – QC Mine

QC Mine is a series of Excel macros designed to help organize and interpret Quality Control data for the geological and mining industries. Given a large QC data set, QC Mine can aid in finding and correcting errors in the data, produce some basic statistics, and plot easy to interpret control charts. All data is saved as a series of intuitively named macro-free Excel workbooks for ease of distribution. A copy of the macro with all of the data is also saved in a ready-to-plot format that allows for quick and easy modification, reanalysis and replotting.

QC Mine Lite is also available which is an abbreviated version of QC Mine, both of which are available from Analytical Solutions Ltd. and OREAS Pty Ltd. QC Mine Lite is more intuitive and easier to use but does not possess all of the functions that the full version of QC Mine contains. You are welcome to download the User Manual and Excel Macro files and start exploring their utility today!

QC Mine

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QC Mine User Manual V1 March 2017

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